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Marlena Rich, Coach


Calling In 'The One' could be entitled Calling In Oneself. Marlena was gentle, empathetic, and affirmative. The experience left me with a deepened sense of empowerment and love for myself. I am very grateful.

~ Laurel M.

Marlena's expertise and simple yet powerful insights always brought out new clarity and focus to my Calling in "The One" experience. Each week she made the program come alive in a new way. I consistently had "ah ha" moments in my sessions with Marlena, in the beautiful space she held for my growth. I have never been in more affinity with myself than I am right now, with body and spirit singing and dancing in harmony. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a coach who so lovingly and patiently believes in you, stands for you to have everything that you want in your life, and makes you believe you deserve ALL of it and more.

~ Robin

Working with Marlena in the Calling in The One process changed my life. Marlena is an intuitive and highly gifted coach. She was wonderfully specific in helping me identify patterns that had been blocking me; she provided me with just the right support throughout this process. Before the course, I lived for 45 years not feeling worthy of love and now after 7 weeks I have a true embodied experience of being worthy of love and good things. My new relationship transformed and deepened and I feel so blessed to have engaged tools and practices that are keeping me true to myself. I am profoundly grateful.

~ Sally

CITO has been about calling me in. Marlena's partnership was critical to identifying sources of my feelings and behaviors, and creating new ways of being that continue to transform my life.

~ Rob P.

More effective than 3 years and thousands of dollars spent on other programs.

~ Matt L.

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